Anonymous asked: Would you date a girl?

nope unless it was troian bellisario hehe


Dylan being adorable while promoting The Maze Runner

taylorswift im not a taylor blog but i adore u can u follow me :D

Anonymous asked: can you and your friend do a q&a/honesty hour

sure!!! anyone send us stuff yes 



Me and kaitlyn seashorestyles today at the packer game!!💛💚

Anonymous asked: i luh ya cutie - dylan o'brien

Dylan O’Brien plays cop and robber with the Maze Runner cast

Anonymous asked: You probably should cry, I would if I were you. Having so many people genuinely love you, and knowing you make people smile and get all bubbly inside. Your blog is loved by so many, even people who can't put words into messages, still are lurking behind the screen wanting to be your friend. Or people like me who are to shy to come out of anon.

i know it is amazing to me ill never understand it but thank you so much you really don’t have to be afraid of scared to talk to me i love talking to people on here (especially crying over dylan with people) but i understand so thank you :) 

Just follow me and run like your life depends on it. Because it does.


Colton Haynes attend Ovadia & Sons fashion show on September 8, 2014.



i think about this a lot